Uncle Hiro

Pyromancing Coffeshop owner

  • Tea-drinking Pyromancer
  • Accorded Neutral Ground proprietor

Uncle Hiro is the owner of Accorded Neutral Ground, which is a combination teashop/coffeeshop/bookstore. The shop’s name is Accorded Neutral Ground, and so the supernatural community treats it as though it is despite some doubt on whether or not this is actually the case. In any event, Uncle Hiro is regarded highly enough that nobody’s ever told him to change the shop’s name and he’s allowed to carry on as though it were. Most denizens of the supernatural consider this to be proof enough that it is what it claims to be.

Uncle Hiro is himself a kind older gentleman with a love for tea, pastries, and peaceful contemplation. He looks a bit like a ‘squat Santa Claus’ (his own self description) with a rotund shape and white hair and beard. He pleasant with everyone who comes into the store and insists that most everyone he meets call him ‘Uncle.’ Though generally impartial and unbiased toward all comers, he does hold a soft spot for young practitioners, and will occasionally take one under his wing, often providing them with both training in magic and a job at the shop. Currently, his favored pupil is Catalina Duphrene.

Uncle Hiro

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