Catalina Duphrene

Burglar of Shadowmancy


Template: Focused Practitioner


  • High Concept: Burglar of Shadowmancy
  • Trouble: Now we need some bait
  • Background: It’s an illegal thing; I don’t think it’s a wrong thing.
  • Rising Conflict: Service with a Smile
  • The Story:
  • Guest Starring:
  • Guest Starring Redux:

1 Supurb Skill (+5)

  1. Stealth

2 Great Skills (+4)

  1. Burglary
  2. Deceit

2 Good Skills (+3)

  1. Conviction (4 slots Mental)
  2. Presence (4 slots Social)

3 Fair Skills (+2)

  1. Discipline
  2. Athletics
  3. Lore

5 Average Skills (+1)

  1. Endurance (3 slots Physical)
  2. Resources
  3. Rapport
  4. Empathy
  5. Contacts


  • [-1] Pickpocketing (Deceit)
  • [-1] Swift & Silent (Stealth)
  • [-1] Hairpin Maestro (Burglary)


  • [-0] Wizard Constitution (no permanent damage)
  • [-2] Channelling (Shadow element)
  • [-1] Cloak of Shadows (minor talent: see in the dark, shadows provide cover)

Final Refresh: +2



Born to a Macy’s salesperson and an ‘insurance salesman’, Leena has two younger siblings, Susan and Bryan. When her father got put in prison, she took it upon herself (with some encouragement from her father) to help defray the family expenses by collecting involuntary donations and taking advantage of five finger discounts.

Rising Conflict:

Dad gets out of prison and teaches her the finer points of burglary. When he is returned to prison for the second (and final) time, Leena opts out of college and eventually gets a job at Accorded Neutral Ground. Here, she figures out magic is real, she’s able to use it, and she needs to be polite to ghouls who come into the store to buy coffee. Uncle Hiro helps her learn how to channel.

The Story:

Guest Starring:

Guest Starring Redux:

Catalina Duphrene

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